2100 E. 112th Street

Northglenn, CO 80233

Following the American craft beer style, our beers use the finest two-row grains, hops and yeast. Special mashing and kettle processes, developed by Brewmaster Vance Sabbe, are observed. These uniquely refined brewing techniques help create beers that are cleaner tasting and more visually appealing than most other craft beers. This is accomplished without the use of flavor-stripping filtration devices or additives.


In addition, special fermentation procedures help to advance crisp, full-flavored ales and lagers. Well-defined and careful deliberation of temperature control is obtained during every stage of the brewing process, insuring each beer to have peak flavor perfection. Most importantly, we pay particular attention to our beer during the aging process. An optimal beer-drinking pleasure is reached when our crafters allow proper aging to occur, between 14 to 30 days, depending on style.


Beer By Design offers several unique brew series.

We celebrate the history of craft brewing while introducing new and innovative flavors.  Explore each series to find your favorite flavors or try one of our Designer Infusions. There is always something good on tap at BBD.


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